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Phil is a sacred medicine man, intuitive space holder and a well established psychotherapist and clinical supervisor. His qualities and proven experience also lays in being a shamanic practitioner: Energy healer, sweatlodge pourer, shamanic drum maker elder and kambo practitioner. Phil is authentic to the bone with a deep respect and passion of the new and old ways in being of service and helping others, Pacha mama and the spirit world.

Shamanic & Energy Healer

Over the course of 5 years from his 15 year plus practice Phil paved the way and created a self healing community in Devon. At the heart of his offerings that this community grew from were his passionate teachings in creating, implementing and facilitating regular shamanic healing drum circles, shamanic healing sweatlodges, native plant and natural medicine ceremonies which along with his other practices he continues today.

The catharsis of Phil becoming a Psychotherapist and then later trained shamanism started in 1996 after experiencing many years of addiction and “mental health” issues and later in life experienced much loss. By way of Phil implementing his practices into his daily life, gives him a deeper awareness, and empathy for those that sit with him. therefore please take out

The gold in amongst his shadows and turmoil which naturally continues to unfold, as he too walks the walk.

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