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Confidentiality is essential in all personal and professional relationships, psychotherapy and healing services make this a fundamental component of there services. It is also an essential ingredient in building trust in the “therapeutic” relationship.

Sometimes, in the public interest, counsellors may need to make a referral to an agency or organization (for example GP, police or social services) when there is a serious risk of imminent harm to their clients or to others. An example of this would be where a client is seriously mentally ill and needs hospitalisation or in cases of child or elder abuse. These referrals are usually (but not always) made with the client’s knowledge and consent. This decision will depend on the particular circumstances of each client.

There may be times when I am required by law to break confidentiality, for example, about terrorist activities. Disclosures may sometimes be made at the client’s request; for example where a client asks for help when they are the victim of abuse or for an assessment or report to help with a court case involving a claim for damages by the client. You and me as your therapist should talk together in their first session and reach agreement about the limits of confidentiality for our work together.

I do not make telephone calls or engage in discussions about you to your GP, employer, partner, family members, and friends or to other agencies to find out, clarify, or add to your personal information without your knowledge. This would be an absolute breach of confidentiality and trust. However there may be some circumstances when I may be obliged to disclose information but I shall discuss this with you when agreeing your contract. You may wish to ask me to contact your GP and/ or other agency; in which case you would agree and confirm the issues to be discussed between me and other named party, and this would not be a breach of confidentiality.

In some organisational settings, such as GP practices, schools, universities and some therapeutic agencies, your information may need to be shared with the organisation in order to best help you. However, after discussion with myself, you should be clear about what information may need to be shared and with whom it may be shared.